My Travel Goals | Mes objectifs de voyage

I sincerely hope that I one day get to travel to every country on Earth, but there are definitely some destinations that are at the top of my list. I’m sure there are tons of destinations that I don’t even know about, so please comment with your favorite city/country/area to visit.

Scotland, specifically the Glasgow area

I have always dreamed of making my way to Scotland. My mother was born, raised, and spent the first 25 years of her life in Scotland. She’s incredibly proud to be Scottish and she passed on this pride and love for Scotland to me. I have a crazy number of family members in Scotland that I can’t wait to meet.


I know that France is a stereotypical place to want to travel, but I have always had a love for French culture and the French language. I think there are many things that Americans could learn from the French, including daycare practices, workplace culture, and their views surrounding dieting and food.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a fascinating place. A dream destination since childhood, Venice is a city built on more than 100 individual islands, there are no roads. At least in my mind, that slows down the pace of life significantly. Without roads, Venetians are forced to travel by gondola through canals. The city I currently live in does not have a robust public transportation system, forcing everyone to drive. I can’t imagine a city without cars. Sounds dreamy.


A nation of nearly 1.4 billion people, China’s history dates back to 2100 BCE. They are a cultural and historical titan. This is not to say that the nation is not without faults, there are many, but during my childhood, few countries held me captivated quite like China. From their food (not the stuff you can get in small town America), their language, to their cultural traditions, China is a vast nation with plenty to explore.


I think a vast number of people in my generation (I’m a millennial) have a love for some aspect of Japanese culture. Unfortunately, most people have a very narrow view of the history, language, and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Anime, manga, and harajuku are such small portions of Japanese society. The Japanese have a deep respect for others, the environment, for history, and for culture. From Shinto to inemuri, Japan is a cultural wonderland.

What countries and destinations are goals for you? What destinations should I add to my list? Let me know here or on Instagram @tsmacintyre.

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